Hub for AI Research in Archives

HAIRA is an interdisciplinary research hub that functions as an interface for understanding, learning, practicing, and thinking about artificial intelligence and its implications in archival and other spaces. At HAIRA, we believe that AI is about thinking, interacting, learning, researching, archiving, and exploring.

HAIRA emerges from the webinar series held in June 2020,  funded by a microgrant from the Mellon Foundation through CLIR. The webinar titled Artificial Intelligence and Archives identified six key areas of needs: 

  • Controls of AI by the industry/private sector
  • Archivists not involved in AI decision making
  • Archivists lack the skills to engage with AI
  • Archivists need to understand AI as evidence and archival records of the future; 
  • Need for a model to guide engagement with AI in archives
  • Ethical challenges and racial issues.   

Addressing these areas will help equip librarians, archivists, and researchers to engage with archives in this era of artificial intelligence. HAIRA is therefore a space for learning and researching about AI for archivists, librarians, and any curious mind from any background.

Learning About artificial intelligence

Create a space where individuals (e.g., librarians, archivists)  with diverse educational backgrounds can learn and implement artificial intelligence, its processes, and the implications for research, work, and ethics.

Researching artificial intelligence

Provide a space where individuals through working groups will contribute and/or participate in research related to artificial intelligence and archives at the national as well as international level. will advance  knowledge, implications, and understanding of AI in archives 

Practicing and applying artificial intelligence

Promote and explore various applications and implications of artificial intelligence in archival spaces and others.

Our Mission

Exploring the Potential of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a thing of the future, In the era of big data, AI is today’s reality; a reality to accept, adjust, and wrestle with. AI is a concept, a space, as well as a machine approach to data/information for analysis and prediction.

Our Vision

Become a prominent national and international hub for learning, researching,  and practicing AI in archival spaces through education, skills development,  ethics, and engagement with various stakeholders in AI spaces.

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