Hub for AI Research in Archives

Demystifying AI

Led by Dr. Rebecca Y. Bayeck, the Hub for Artificial Intelligence in Research (HAIRA) is an interdisciplinary hub engaged with AI and redefining the future of archiving and archival spaces.

Who We Are

HAIRA is an interdisciplinary research lab that functions as an interface for understanding, learning, practicing, and thinking about artificial intelligence and its implications in archival and other spaces. At HAIRA, we believe that AI is about thinking, interacting, learning, researching, archiving, and exploring.



Learn about artificial intelligence regardless of your educational background.



Contribute to AI research in archives nationally and internationally with teamwork.


If you are curious or interested in artificial intelligence (AI) sign up for Demystifying AI class  organized by the Hub for AI Research in Archives and sponsored by the Council on Library & Information Resources on November 16 and 30, 2021 at 11am ET.

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